30+ boredom busting activities for kids!

April 05, 2020

30+ boredom busting activities for kids!

We're thinking that your Facebook feed looks a lot like ours. Full of craft videos, funny memes, scary headlines and virtual events. It's hard to keep track of it all, so we compiled a list of activities for you. All in one spot, and we broke it down into categories.

Art Activities:

  • Sidewalk chalk. Sunny days are on the horizon! Head out to the driveway with a bucket of chalk and create a masterpiece.
  • Take a virtual field trip of world famous art museums. No passport required. Just fire up your computer, and look at some the world's most famous masterpieces. Thank you, Google Arts & Culture!
  • Draw a hand zoo. Learn how to draw lots of animals by simply tracing your hand! Make a gallery of the drawings to create your own petting zoo.
  • Watercolor Lessons. Want to teach your kids how to use watercolor paints? Here's the perfect lesson for you: How to Paint with Watercolors
  • Drawing tutorials. Grab some drawing paper, crayons and markers and get ready to make a masterpiece. Here are some of our favorites: Elsa. Ice Cream Tower. A Creeper. Cheeseburger. Yorkie.

Math Activities:

  • Practice counting/money recognition. Gather the family for a game of Monopoly. Let your kids be the banker, so they get lots of practice counting money.
  • Math computer games! If you kiddos loves playing computer games, check out Math Playground, which offers various activities. 
  • Food fractions. Have you kiddos help cut up sandwiches and/or pizza to talk about fractions. Cut things in half, then quarters, then eighths. 

Outdoor Activities:

  • Hopscotch. Bust out the sidewalk and teach your kids this classic game.
  • Family bike ride. This is the perfect time to teach your kiddo how to ride a bike, or work towards taking those training wheels off.
  • Go on a spring scavenger hunt. Explore your hard and look for the first sights of spring. Look for bird's nests, flowers budding and trees coming back to life. 
  • Backyard picnic. Bring out your favorite family blanket, and enjoy dinner under a blue sky. Take deep breaths and be present in the moment.

Rainy Days Activities:

  • Indoor picnic. Lay a blanket out in your living room and enjoy a picnic together.
  • Book an afternoon at the spa. Put the kids in the tub for a bubble bath. Manicures and pedicures for everyone. 
  • Celebrate your favorite holiday for the day. If it's Christmas, put on some holiday cozies and cue up your favorite movie on Netflix. If it's Halloween, take turns making up costumes.
  • Take a virtual field trip to Disney. There are a number of rides available on YouTube, that you can watch at any time. Splash Mountain. Frozen Ever After. Expedition Everest. Slinky Dog Dash. It's a Small World. Big Thunder Mountain.

Reading Activities:

  • Be the star. Record a video of your child reading their family book, and send it to a family member or friend. They would love the visit. 
  • Reading with the stars. Invite your favorite celebrity into your home to read their favorite book. It's never been easier! Head over to StorylineOnline on Youtube to find your faves. Here a couple of ours: Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Bell, Ty Burrell, Lily Tomlin and Chris Pine.
  • Read in a tent. Throw a blanket over the kitchen table. Grab some blankets and make a reading nook. Let your kids grab their favorite stories and settle in.
  • Popcorn reading. Take turns as a family reading your child's favorite book.


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